ARM Industry to See Record Inflow of Referrals and Placements

ARM Industry

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Michael Lamm

Michael Lamm

Managing Partner, Corporate Advisory Solutions

Accounts receivable management (ARM) industry service providers will play a significant role in helping the economy recover as the resolution of debt obligations becomes more complex and critical in keeping struggling businesses afloat, according to ACA International member company Corporate Advisory Solutions’ (CAS) Q1 2020 Tech-Enabled OBS Market Report

CAS also anticipates debt sales to increase as originating creditors look to supplement short-term levels of depressed liquidation and raise much needed cash flow. In anticipation of this, many debt buyers are looking to optimize their workflow and seek additional capital to help fund these purchases.

The ARM industry is poised to see record inflows of referrals and placements as the country grapples with unprecedented delinquencies. ARM service providers with an eye toward the future should already be planning to gear up for this increased volume of business.

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