The Switchboard

ACA International will accept and consider guest blogs discussing topics of general interest to the association’s members and the overall industry.

Blog Guidelines

  1. ACA staff, members, potential members and others are invited to submit blogs for consideration.
  2. Topics should be of general interest to the accounts receivable management industry and may include (but are not limited to):
    1. Compliance related topics or case studies
    2. Legal blogs on a topic of general interest
    3. Member news items to include community service project discussions and/or experiences
    4. Unit member discussions about general interest items that are instructional and provide information
    5. General technology discussions and experiences
  3. Guest writers are invited to submit up to 2,000 words per blog. Longer blogs will be considered and accepted at the discretion of ACA International.
  4. Promotional news about products, services or transactions will not be accepted.
  5. When submitting a blog, guest writers must include their name, telephone number, employer, job title and a headshot to be published with the blog. Additional photographs or videos intended to enhance and illustrate material will be considered for publication. All guest writers will be contacted by ACA International’s communications staff for verification purposes.

ACA International reserves the right to edit all content for space, grammar and AP Style. The Switchboard is a publicly available blog monitored by ACA International staff.