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Collectors Challenge June 2020

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Take some time during Collectors Challenge month this June to band together with your coworkers and support the Loomer-Mortenson Scholarship Program. ACA has some suggestions for virtual events— and remember every little bit helps. #TogetherWeveGotThis

ACA International is inviting members to kickoff their summers together, whether working remotely or in the office, with a little fun by participating in Collectors Challenge Month to support the ACA International Education Foundation.

We know times are tough right now for many of our members, so any amount donated to the Foundation to help grow the Loomer-Mortenson Scholarship Program is appreciated—and just as important we want you to have fun and the opportunity to connect with your coworkers.

Members can view the Collectors Challenge online toolkit for fundraising and activity ideas before the official kickoff now set for June 1, 2020. Our poster in the toolkit can also be downloaded and shared via email or on your company’s website.

Anyone employed by an ACA member company that has participated in the challenge probably recognizes some of its signature activities such as “jeans for charity,” karaoke contests, or raffles. The creative ideas are endless and there is no limit on what a company can do or how much is acceptable to donate.

While many of these activities are designed to be held in person, it’s easy to turn them into a virtual fundraiser or perhaps small groups within your team can get together during the month to snap a few (socially-distant) photos and track progress of your fundraiser. (The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention has safety tips for businesses and workplaces.)

Try a virtual steps or run/walk challenge or dress-up days encouraging your team to follow a themed contest from their home and submit pictures—pets and family members can join in the fun, too.

Many companies have likely increased their use of virtual meeting programs like Zoom or Microsoft Teams for weekly calls and social gatherings between coworkers; why not schedule one to brainstorm for Collectors Challenge or use the platform to connect for a fundraising activity?

Or, suggests Forbes Councils Member and Founder of the Open to Hope Foundation, Gloria Horsley in an article titled “Fundraising in the Midst of an Economic Downturn,” try a virtual auction.

Google has made its Meet program available at no charge if you’re looking for another way to connect. Check out the article from Tech Crunch here.

Remember, participation can be simple, such as a one-time event, or one event per week, but most importantly—Collectors Challenge is a fun way for member companies to work together for a good cause. By supporting the ACAEF, you can help create a more positive public image of the industry and encourage your colleagues to take pride in their work.

Connecting online may help even more members of your team to get involved in Collectors Challenge and spread the word to their networks through social media. Remember- use #CollectorsChallenge2020 #Support4Good and #ACAMembersGiveBack with your posts.

ACA also encourages members and state unit leaders to share this article through websites, newsletters or internal email updates.

Stay tuned for more ideas and updates on how to get involved. Contact ACA’s communications team at with any comments or questions. Together, we’ve got this.


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