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Your website connects your business to the world. It can bring in new clients, promote your corporate values and let consumers make payments online–all the more reason to develop a content strategy.

By adding a blog to your site, you can turn your internal expertise into valuable thought leadership, helping you connect with readers in brand-new ways. In the June issue of Collector magazine, I cover content strategy tips on how you can use a blog to drive traffic to your website and turn it into a valuable marketing asset.

Content Strategy Tip #1: Prep Your Website

Before you start coming up with hilarious puns for your blog headlines, you need to get your online home in order. Joe Gargiulo, editor at Optio Solutions LLC, urged companies to first make sure their website is aligned to Google standards.

You should be using HTTPS protocol, which not only helps keep content secure and visitors protected, but also improves your Google search ranking. Marketers should ensure that the software used to build the site is up to date and that the site includes a privacy statement, terms of use and an XML site map.

“All of these measures should be addressed before launching a blog so Google will place
your company near the top in search results,” Gargiulo said.

Furthermore, writers and editors will want to use programs with built-in SEO optimizers to ensure that the content is hitting the right keywords.

Content Strategy Tip #2: Identify Your Audience

Here’s the big question: Who do you want your blog to talk to: consumers or clients? This key metric will determine your content and tone. There are benefits to both tracks, but it’s best to pick one audience rather than trying to please everyone.

“When we originally launched our blog, we were marketing toward new clients so we could make the sale,” said Jessica Smith, director of human resources and client relations for KLS Financial Services. “But we realized that clients weren’t the ones coming to our website—all the clicks were coming from consumers. And we realized there is a lot of value in reaching out to them.”

In 2017, KLS rebranded and relaunched its blog, this time focusing on consumer issues like saving money and improving your credit score.

“While we are passionate about helping consumers, we also want our clients to see that we are consumer-friendly and consumer-focused, which actually helps give us the sales boost we originally wanted,” Smith said.

On the other side of the coin, Optio and its parent company, CrossCheck, decided to use their blogs as inbound marketing tools for prospective clients. Gargiulo said the companies don’t mind if consumers visit the blogs as well because those consumers could one day become business owners, making it a win-win.

Read more in my report, Content Strategy, including how to solve problems along the way and promote your posts in the June issue of Collector magazine. How have you revamped your company’s website? Let us know your ideas in the comments!

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