Everyone Can Participate in Collectors Challenge 2020

Collectors Challenge June 2020

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Try these creative ideas to engage all ages in ACA’s annual fundraiser for the Education Foundation.

Collectors Challenge 2020 is taking place during a trying time. We are all facing challenges with work life and personal life. But that won’t stop us from taking part in this important challenge this year! ACA’s FUN Committee got together and came up with ideas for how everyone can participate in this challenge, while still abiding by social distancing.

One of the activities that we came up with taking place during the month of June is our Virtual Walk/Run/Bike-a-thon. While we can’t get together to do this as one would typically see, we can still get out and get active in the spirit of raising money. With all the gorgeous weather we have been getting, how can you not get outside and enjoy it? It sounds more appealing than sitting bored on your couch all day doesn’t it?

With our Virtual Walk/Run/Bike-a-Thon, our staff have pledged a certain amount of money for each mile they walk, run, or bike. At the end of the month, they will report how many miles they did of their chosen activity and then turn in their donation they pledged for ACA International’s Education Foundation.

Silent AuctionEveryone Can Participate in Collectors Challenge 2020 1Collectors Challenge Silent Auction

Another activity we are doing that was inspired by the pandemic is a silent auction. We have come up with some fun baskets to bid on, including some with COVID-19 related items such as golden toilet paper stickers and fun toilet paper (because you know how important toilet paper seems to be these days!) This is a perfect activity to get creative and make fun baskets or activity packs to bid on. They don’t have to be COVID-19 related either.

You could tailor your prizes to what your team might be interested in, such as items for staff with pets or kids. Make a basket full of tennis balls and dog treats, or catnip and teaser toys.

Or try a fun kids’ pack full of coloring books, chalk, jump ropes, or anything else kids would love, like candy.

The best part of a silent action is that it can be held virtually. Have it over a video chat service like Teams, Skype, or Zoom. Make little paper paddles with numbers on them for everyone to hold up when they want to bid. Everyone could even design their own paddles and get creative!

Guess the Candy JarOther activities we have come up with at ACA include:

  • Guess the amount in the candy jar: $1 per guess for a chance to win the jar of candy and a gift card.
  • Virtual Happy Hour: Submit a drink recipe and create a drink recipe book. Celebrate by hosting a happy hour and charge $5 to attend. Everyone who attends gets a copy of the recipe book.
  • Plant a tree community service project. ACA did this last year. Staff donates $2 to plant a tree and $1 goes to the tree planting and the other $1 goes to the Education Foundation.

Even though we are facing a tough time right now, there are ways to still get together and have fun. Just think outside the box and get creative!


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